Brow Loss

Brow Loss

As we age, we may start to notice hair thinning or loss affecting the head, eyebrows, and eyelashes. Over time, some hair follicles stop producing hair, and the hair shafts become finer. The hair also begins to lose its colour, becoming white or grey. This type of hair loss is a normal part of getting older.

Several different factors can contribute to eyebrow hair loss including aging, hormone issues, autoimmune conditions, skin conditions, and nutritional deficiencies. An imbalance of thyroid hormones eyebrow hair to fall out. Both types of thyroid imbalance (hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism) are linked to eyebrow hair loss. Specifically, in hypothyroidism, a person may notice hair loss in the of the eyebrow, which is the thinnest part that points toward the ears.

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Healthy skin is important for healthy hair. This is because hair grows directly from follicles in the skin. Certain skin conditions can cause itchy, flaking skin rashes. People may lose eyebrow hairs as a result of skin inflammation, dry skin, and rubbing or itching the area around the eyebrows.

Nutritional deficiencies

The food a person eats has a substantial impact on their skin and hair health. The body needs certain nutrients to create healthy hair. Some nutritional deficiencies that can affect hair growth include biotin, fatty acids and zinc.

If you think that your hair loss may be attributed to any of these conditions or deficiencies, we recommend that visit your health care provider prior to treatment.

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